Access RPIA Member’s Meeting

February 17, 2023

It's Almost Time to Meet!

Hello Bakers!

If you’ve been thinking about joining RPIA, now’s the time. If you join now you’ll get access to this year’s members-only meeting.

This meeting is where the magic happens. We’ve heard many times that this event pays for itself in terms of knowledge sharing and networking.

Below is a rundown of what we’ll be getting up to. These three days are going to be jam-packed.


The Gathering – RPIA Friends Come Together

Upon arrival to the Hotel and Check-in we always wonder “What’s Next!” Once you are ready, come down to the Lobby to join your fellow members and chat. This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones in the industry.

Celebration Dinner and YOUR “SHOW & TELL” Event

This is where you get to show off what you’ve got. Your food will be the dessert for the evening. Impress the other bakers with your skills, and get inspiration from fellow members.


Bakery Tours

This will be a quick visit as the size of the shop means we will have to divide the group going into the store. Take pictures! # 3 – Bethel Bakery – check out the on-line ordering Make sure to look for a New Years Pretzel – Great Program #4 – Oakmont Bakery – aka “Portos – East” One Sweet Street Oakmont,PA 15139. This Huge Bakery is packed full of great ideas. You will love the Cash Drawer Counting System in action. Be sure to see the late afternoon Merchandising of the Showcases.

The Oaks Night Club – Private Party and Dinner

A restored 1930’s Art Decco Style Theater is a place for Great Food and Fun, complete with a Live Band. You can put on your dancing shoes or not. But you will have a wonderful time to recap the day and trade ideas with new and old friends. Let’s Celebrate Being Bakers!


A Class Experience – Virtual Tours and more

How do you go from a Retail Bakery to making your own wine? Where do dessert fit in? and much more…. Craig and Rachel from Hartville Kitchen will show parts of their operation. Really Fresh Cream Pies to Olive Oil? See this profitable product line will fit into your space. It will be fun.

Farewell Dinner at “Olive or Twist”

Enjoy this first Post Covid Meeting with Dinner and opportunities to interact. Exchange contact information, ask questions of all the Hosts of the tours. While we must leave the meeting room and Olive or Twist and the meeting is officially over—that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

How to attend

For Non-Members

If you want to join us for this weekend your first step is to join RPIA. It’s simple to do and a great value for bakers.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of joining, click here. 

If you’re all ready to join then you can click here to fill out your application.

For Members

If you are already a member and would like to get more detailed information and purchase tickets, go to our eventbrite and sign up now. We look forward to seeing you there!