New From Whalen

March 14, 2023
The good news is product is flowing again and the warehouse is in the process of getting stocked up. Their warehouse labor situation is improving slowly. They have 3 new products:
Whalen Packaging

NEW – Plain White/Kraft Sheet Pizza Boxes (B-Flute, 2″ Deep). The 2” deep boxes come in the following sizes

Perfect for the items that you need a depth greater than 1.5 “ like the flatbread boxes. These E-Flute Cardboard Boxes are stackable, freeze-safe, and of course a day or 2 in the cooler. Your customer will love them as when they need many items, the stackability makes it easier to get from their car to the office, school, or party. Please note: Custom Printing is available. 5,000 boxes/100 cases are the min. order.

Single Cupcake……..Single Cream Puff………Single Slice of Cake…….ETC…..NEW for ‘22!!!

Cupcake Insert
Cupcake Insert
whalen packaging f-flute clamshell cardboard box
The coated clam shell is grease resistant and slow moisture from leaking through.

Looking for the full pricing list with all of the New Products?

CLICK HERE for the latest excel sheet to download, open and save. Quickly find the NEW products by looking for the yellow highlighted “New” text boxes on the right.