Custom Cakes—to sell or not to sell?

April 13, 2023
Custom Cake pink with ice cream cone on top

CUSTOM CAKES—to sell or not to sell?

Baking custom cakes is essential for many bakeries. That said, the associated costs are high—and only getting higher. This leaves many bakeries wondering: should I continue to sell custom cakes at all? 

It’s a good question, and one that had been waiting to be asked. When someone posed it recently in our private eGroup, the topic blew up. We’d never seen such engagement in our group. Clearly, this is a question close to the hearts of many bakers.

Members of this unique Baking Group gave pros and cons on all aspects of the question.  For some, custom cakes is even part of their business name! But for many, they are no longer able to profit from offering the service.


Since custom cakes are such a hot topic, we’ve decided to host a Panel Discussion that will take place in our members only annual meeting. The discussion will happen this July in Pittsburgh.  Over 75 companies and 400 stores will be represented.  And you could be there also and be part of the eGroup. Plus, once you join you get access to all previous discussion, so you won’t miss anything.


Membership is open to all Bakeries/Companies that Bake. Delis, Flower Shops, Restaurants, cafés, etc…, in addition to shops exclusively dedicated to baking.

The amount of the discussion online concerning this topic was vast and insightful. We explored all aspects of the topic, from Sales to Labor to Production to Marketing. In the 49 years I have been in the bakery business this topic has never been addressed with such major changes to the Retail Bakery Model.

Folks, this is the future – Right here, Right NOW. If you qualify to be a member of RPIA (total sales over $1 Million dollars) consider joining a Group that looks at all aspects of Operating a Retail Bakery. Nothing is off the table.


Now if you do not qualify by sales, please get my Textbook:  Opening and Operating A Retail Bakery you may purchase online here. I updated the text in 2022.  The Text has helps thousands of people operate better and save money.  A number of Culinary Schools and Private Companies use the text to teach and train leaders.  The Text is based on knowledge and experience gleaned from myself and The RPIA Group.

A Note on Experience:

Experience always has a cost—how large the cost depends on you.  The RPIA Group, Fellow bakers, the Text, and the internet can help you make the cost lower than if you did not gain the experience. 

So please ask yourself: Do you enjoy overpaying or wasting YOUR money?  If not, please get some quality experience at a great value. Join/Read/Communicate and win.