How RPIA Can Help You Save

January 26, 2023
Retail Bakers Saving Money

What is RPIA?

The RPIA Group was formed over 21 years ago to help bakers gather to collaborate and create a true sense of community. They help bakers save money in the long run. Along with sharing intellectual property, they make it easy for their members to get thousands of bakery items on rebate or discount. 

How did RPIA Come Together?

5 Bakery owners came together.  4 had been Presidents of RBA and the other the Treasurer. This means that RPIA is for bakers by bakers. After spending so much time in the industry we wanted to give back. That’s what motivated us to realize this new venture.

What Has the RPIA Done So Far?

All of this so far sounds lofty and abstract, so let’s get down to some numbers.

In the last 7 years we have distributed over 4.8 Million dollars to our members.  Which represents 69% of our Gross Revenue. That is about $6532 per member per year.  On dues of six hundred dollars per year.

In addition to rebate programs, the membership has received over 8 million dollars of value/savings because of RPIA.

We’re really proud of all this savings and help we’ve provided bakers. We love lifting up the little guy and watching them grow into something amazing.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to have you in our community of bakers. You’ll have the opportunity to share and receive knowledge from fellows in the industry. It really doesn’t get any better.