Cleaning Charts

July 15, 2022
Cleaning Charts

Cleaning Charts for Bakeries

Many a Baker has said, “Where do I begin…” Here are some cleaning charts to help you and they are in English and Spanish!

Daily Cleaning Chart

These are done every day the building is open and inspected by the supervisor and they must sign off that it was completed. One form per week. File in the Clean Binder sub-area Daily Cleaning.

Weekly Cleaning Chart

This is in addition to the daily sheet. – but is only completed once per week. It builds on the Daily Sheet. Management inspections are so much easier and much faster. Once the system is in place and working, you will find the whole area will be cleaner and cost you less to keep it that way. Every day can be a Ready to Inspect day. It does not matter who comes in and when be it customer or Government Agency.

Monthly Cleaning Chart

These items need regular attention, but this takes away from “Who did I assign this too?” and “When was this last done?” – by having the forms, it is easy to prove you are on Top of the tasks. You also have accountability inside of your own organization.

Quarterly Cleaning Chart

Assign the work and get the work done on a regularly scheduled basis. Keep your equipment running well. And let your team know you care about a safe and clean work environment. The is no annual cleaning list, that is just too long and bakeries have way too much flour dust.

Daily Cleaning Chart for Bathrooms

Restroom Cleaning Document
Once you get these lists working for you, what else do you need?


  1. Daily management walk through the store and production areas.
  2. Glass and Hard Plastic Inspection.
  3. Equipment Pre-Op and Cleaning Instructions with Pictures and Inspection and Change Over Log.
  4. Weekly GMP Inspections.
  5. Monthly management Inspections.
  6. Corrective Action Log (reviewed in Safety Meetings).
  7. Freezer – Cooler Logs – And what they tell you will REALLY save you time and money.
  8. Report of visit by Government Officials.
  9. Customer Compliant Form.

And more. Why? When you operate your business with clear and easy to understand programs, you have yourself hours of negative time and can work on Teams Building, Training, and Growing your Sales. Why would you want to make yourself unreplaceable? That means no vacations and get-away time.

Please follow my Blog and pass the link along to others. I want you to win, not just do. Next month I will dive deep into a specific program so you can have a complete program that you just customize for your operation.

Yours in Better Operations,