Amazing Gourmet Cookie Recipe

July 15, 2022
Formula of the Month
Formula of the Month

After receiving some great feedback on our April recipe, we’ve decided to release our formula for making some delicious gourmet cookies. 

In order to become a baker—especially one who wants to start their own commercial bakery—it’s important to have an arsenal of tried and true recipes. We think that every baker should at least try these delicious cookies; maybe you’ll even want to add them to your regular inventory! Usually, we reserve these recipes for our newsletter, but we couldn’t resist sharing this with everyone. Whether you are a professional baker, or just want to try a new recipe at home, we really recommend giving these cookies a try.

Most of the ingredients will be ones you already have in your bakery or kitchen.
Here’s what You’ll need:
Before starting, you’ll want to double check that you have all of the ingredients. Once you’ve got everything in place, go ahead and follow the instructions below:
Amazing Gourmet Cookie Recipe Instructions

Before baking, go ahead and garnish the cookies with cinnamon sugar. This dough is very soft and is really an icebox cookie. Mix—Store in a cooler overnight (up to 4 days) and then cut out the whole amount you wish to bake. Portion from 1oz to 3.5oz. Work the dough cold and bake light.

Bake at 360ºF until done.

And that’s it! Now you should have some easy and delicious gourmet cookies to share or sell (or eat!). If you liked this recipe, then we’d recommend you sign up for our newsletter. Especially if you already have started—or are interested in starting—your own bakery. We not only have a monthly recipe, but lots of information for professional bakers.