Professional Royal Icing Recipe for Bakers

November 30, 2022
Professional Royal Icing Recipe for Bakers

Have you been looking for an icing recipe that will blow your customers away? This one is super simple and works like a charm.

This formula calls for measuring all ingredients. as opposed to weighing the dry items.  If you are on a Kitchen Aid; just divide the formula by 4.

Royal Icing

Powdered Sugar

Water, room temp

Powdered Egg Whites

Vanilla Extract

8 QT

4 cups

2 cups, packed

1-2 Tbsp.

Get utensils and mixing bowls.
  • – 20 QT mixing bowl and paddle.
  • – Bowl scrapers
  • – Red-handled Spatula (Curved)
  • –  4 QT pitcher
  • – 4 cup pitcher
  • – 1 cup measure
  • – Large mixing bowl
  • – Purple-handled Long Whisk
  • – Large White Bucket & Lid for storage (check both for smells, i.e. chai. which will affect the smell of the royal icing)
  • – Damp towel
  • – Small offset spatula
  1. Measure powdered sugar, carefully placing it in a 20qt mixing bowl. Put aside.
  2. Measure egg whites, and put them into a large bowl. Measure water making sure the water is neither warm nor cold. Whisk to soft peaks, until there are no more chunks of egg white powder and no yellow liquid at the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Use a bowl scraper to transfer egg whites into a 20qt mixing bowl.
  4. Add vanilla extract.
  5. Get a damp towel, and hold it around the top of the bowl to avoid powdered sugar clouds. Mix on speed 1 for about 2 minutes or until combined and shiny.
  6. Use a bowl scraper to scrape the sides of the bowl to paddle.
  7. Mix on speed 2 for 12-16 minutes, or until firm peaks. Use a small offset to check peaks.
  8. Put the paddle into the bucket and put a damp cloth over the 20qt mixing bowl to prevent drying.
  9. Use a gloved hand to clean off the paddle into the bucket. Then use a long red-handled spatula to quickly transfer the rest of the Royal Icing into the bucket. Use a bowl scraper to completely wipe the bowl.
  10. Cover Royal Icing with plastic wrap. Label with date and initials.
  11. Store at room temperature for about 5 days.

The cookies below were decorated with the above icing.

Professional Royal Icing Recipe for Bakers
Professional Royal Icing Recipe for Bakers

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