Cybake Story

October 27, 2022

35 years ago our Bakery & Deli on Capitol Ave was doing $825,000 a year. Prices were jumping because of sugar and eggs. We were using DataPax in DOS. We were entering our invoices as the product came into the bakery. DataPax had a report that showed the change in price from the previous invoice. Green meant NO change or decrease, Steady Red showing 4.99% or less, and a FLASHING Red showed a 5% increase or more. The person doing that was costing me $12 an hour. She spent 7 hours a week because we were a Deli as much as a Bakery. She cost us $4,368. I had her print each invoice from the vendor in the report from DataPax. I circled the increases and faxed to the sales rep with a “tender” note saying explain this to me!

Did it work? Let’s put it this way: At the end of the year, our sales were up to $850,000, while our ingredients were down a whopping $40,000. How could I not continue to enter? We did not receive much savings the following year but my material costs were under 30% and stayed there for 5 years.

Cybake has the tools to do this electronically with more data and less work. Ask them how this could work for you! Can you afford not to? And this is only 1 out of 50+ ways their program will work faster, better and easier than any product out there.

I asked for help and here is a better answer from Cybake: Cybake drives efficiencies and saves money across many other business processes eg. customer ordering, production planning, store inventory reconciliation etc etc.

Need Servers? No

Updates a hassle? No on Cloud.

Support? Yes, Yes, Yes!