Energy CX Q&A

January 5, 2023

Energy CX Q&A

You may have seen the new addition to our site as we recently launched our first page about Group Purchasing. Our whole idea is to help bakers around the nation save money, share knowledge, and grow. When we came across this idea of group purchasing and saw how powerful it is, we were floored. So we partnered with Group Purchasing Resource, a large group purchasing outfit, who has connected us with several excellent programs that help business owners (and residents) save money through the power of group purchasing.

We decided the most pressing topic right now, given the extreme weather, would be energy pricing. So for our first program, we’ve rolled out Energy CX. And below we’ve written a bit to answer your questions about Energy CX and if it could save you money.


What is Energy CX?

Energy CX is a way for you to save money on your energy bill without having to change your service. Energy CX is part of our larger group purchasing program that leverages the collective buying power of large groups.

How does Energy CX Work?

Energy CX works by taking advantage of unregulated energy markets. 

Do they work with only Commercial or Residential clients?

What’s amazing about Energy CX is that they work with BOTH commercial and residential clients. The more energy bills you have, the more you can save.

How do you Join?

It’s simple. Navigate to the Energy CX page, scroll down, and sign up. It really only takes a couple minutes and you only get charged a fraction of what you save—no risk involved.

And please, once you’ve signed up, let us know how you like it. We want to make sure we are delivering awesome, easy ways to save. Your feedback is always appreciated.